Idle No More discussion continues with Blogger Chelsea Vowel of Âpihtawikosisân


The conversation continues on Indigenous Waves around Idle No More, this time with Chelsea Vowel, speaking about the movement and actions, the meeting January 11th, First Nations taxation and how it works, and more.

Chelsea Vowel. author of the blog Âpihtawikosisân is Métis from the Plains Cree speaking community of Lac Ste. Anne, Alberta. She currently lives in Montreal, Quebec. Her passions are: education, Aboriginal law, the Cree language, and roller derby. She holds a BEd, an LLB and teaches indigenous youth.


A Tribe Called Red – *Electric Powwow Drum (*Indigenous Waves theme track)

Drezus – Red Winter f. words from Aaron Paquette

Heebz The Earthchild – Idle No More

A Tribe Called Red – The Road

Morning Star River – Ogitchada

Originally Aired Monday January 14, 2013

Photo Credit: Chelsea Vowel

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