Flanagan’s Last Stand with Levi Little Mustache & Arnell Tailfeathers

Arnell TailfeathersLevi Little Mustache


[audio https://indigenouswaves.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/march-4iw.mp3]


On February 27th, 2013, the Southern Alberta Council on Public Affairs (SACPA) and the University of Lethbridge hosted a talk on the abolishment of the Indian Act with Tom Flanagan, *University of Calgary professor of political science and former advisor to PM Stephen Harper.  During the talk, Levi Little Mustache asked Flanagan about an off cuff comment made to student paper The Manitoban back in 2009 in which he stated ““But that’s actually another interesting debate or seminar: what’s wrong with child pornography — in the sense that it’s just pictures?””. *Flanagan’s response was filmed by Arnell Tailfeathers and posted to youtube, going viral and leading to the University of Calgary announcing Flanagan’s early retirement, and CBC’s Power and Politics dropping him as a commentator. Levi Little Mustache and Arnell Tailfeathers joined Indigenous Waves this week to talk about the night of February 27th, now being called Flanagan’s Last Stand.

Levi Little Mustache and Arnell Tailfeathers are both members of the Blackfoot Confederacy and part of the Idle No More Blood Tribe.


A Tribe Called RedBraves

Wab Kinew – Heroes

Quese IMC – Don’t Be Afraid f. Adam Bailie

Miss Christie Lee – Experience

Alo White – Honour Song (as taught by Jack Starr)

Cree Confederation – Straight Crow Hop

Black Lodge Singers – Crow Hop

Wab Kinew – The Ghost of Crazy Horse

Originally Aired on Monday March 4, 2013

Photo Credits: Arnell TailfeathersCaption Credits on Levi Little Mustache photo: Debrell Iron Shirt

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