Journey of Nishiyuu – Staff Carrier Jordan Masty

Journey of Nishiyuu by Paul Seesequasis

Journey of Nishiyuu by Paul Seesequasis

We continue our coverage of the Journey of Nishiyuu this week with special guest 20 year old Staff carrier, Jordan Masty, walker from Whapmagoostui in the Journey of Nishiyuu.

Jordan Masty (Cree) is 20 years old, from Whapmagoostui, and he talks to Indigenous Waves about his decision to join the Journey of Nishiyuu as a path of healing for himself, as well as the youth in his community, and to deliver a message from the North about the strength of Cree culture, language and community.  We were especially honoured and proud to speak to this humble young man and hear his message of truth.


Young Eagle Cree – Intertribal

Quese IMC – I Take It With Me

Team Rezofficial – We Are The Future

Chechrist – NDN R.A.P. (Rebels Against Pipelines)

Just Jamaal f. Lena Recollet – What It’s All About

Fawn Wood – Grandmother’s Song

A Tribe Called Red – Braves

Originally Aired Monday April 1, 2013

Photo Credits: Paul Seesequasis

One Response to “Journey of Nishiyuu – Staff Carrier Jordan Masty”
  1. Glen Douglas says:

    A great example of the sacrifices these young people made for the people and the earth mother.
    It should give everyone hope that the way is alive and well.
    Migwech Wikanis

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