Debra White Plume on Owe Aku & Moccasins on the Ground & Hereditary Chief WEC’KINEW (Eric Pelkey) on PKOLS












In the first half of the show, Debra White Plume joins us to talk about Owe Aku and Moccasins on the Ground – a decolonizing, healing and resistance training program connected to Indigenous Nationhood, identity, and land protection.

In the second half, SȾÁUTW̱ (Tsawout) hereditary chief WEC’KINEM (Eric Pelkey) joins us to discuss the May 22nd, 2013 Day of Action to rename Mt. Douglas to its original Indigenous name of PKOLS, the reenactment of the signing of the Mt. Douglas treaty, and the installation of a sign declaring the name PKOLS for the sacred mountain.

Debra White Plume (Oglala Lakota from Pine Ridge) is a mother, a grandmother and a life-long defender of the land and founder of Owe Aku, which means “Bring Back The Way” to help preserve the Lakota way.

WEC’KINEM (Eric Pelkey), a hereditary chief of the Tsawout First Nation, with support from the Songhees and local WSÁNEĆ nations, are calling on all peoples in the Victoria area to participate in a day of action to Reclaim PKOLS, the original name of Mount Douglas, on May 22nd at 5PM. The event will reinstate the traditional name for the mountain and reclaim the site where the Douglas Treaty was first signed with the WSÁNEĆ nations.


Just Jamaal f. Lena Recollet – What it’s all about

Shibastik – Hand Drum

Quillbox f. Stephen Harper – The Apology

Whitefish Bay Singers – Aandeg

Morning Star River – Ogitchidaa


Originally Aired Monday May 20, 2013

Photo Credits: PKOLS website; Owe Aku website

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