Brenda Sayers from Hupacasath First Nation on FIPPA & how Hupacasath is leading the way for all Canadians

Press Conference Brenda Sayers @ UBCIC w Supporters

The Canadian government, under the direction of Stephen Harper, has been criticized for myriad unilateral legislation and decisions that will create permanent changes to the environment and the Canadian landscape. In particular, much of this legislation has been directly impacting First Nations, however there has been a significant lack of consultation, despite section 35 of the Canadian Constitution which outlines a duty to consult Indigenous communities when changes are made to the Indian Act, or other legislation impacting First Nations communities.

This past June 5th to the 7th, the Hupacasath First Nation went to court requesting a judicial review of one of those pieces of legislation, the Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement, also known as FIPA or FIPPA. The agreement is between Canada and China, and would allow Chinese corporations to bring workers to Canada, develop on un-ceded lands and anywhere they decide to extract energy resources, and if there is an intervention from Canadians, will empower the Chinese corporation to sue for loss of profit in a secret tribunal. If ratified, FIPPA will be in effect for 31 years.

Brenda Sayers is an Hupacasath First Nation portfolio holder for Canada China FIPPA court challenge, and joined Indigenous Waves to speak about this landmark case, and how Hupacasath is leading the way for Canadians.


Buffy Sainte-Marie – Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee

Ode’min Kwe Singers – A.I.M Unity Song

Kool Krys – Timeout

Tall Paul – Pieceful Revolution f. Knox

Originally Aired Monday June 17th, 2013

Photo Credit: Brenda Sayers

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