Ben Powless from Defenders of the Land and Indigenous Environmental Network on Line 9, tar sands and other pipelines


*Ben Powless joined Indigenous Waves this week to talk about the ongoing battle to stop the proposed Line 9 pipeline from going through multiple Indigenous, urban and rural communities; as well as the potential for leaks and spills due to inadequate pipeline construction and material.

Ben Powless is a Mohawk citizen from Six Nations in Ontario, currently living in Ottawa, Canada. He has a degree in Human Rights, Indigenous and Environmental Studies at Carleton University in Ottawa. He has worked extensively with the Indigenous Environmental Network (, focused on climate justice and resource extraction in Indigenous territories, particularly the tar sands in Canada. He is also an organizer with the Defenders of the Land and Idle No More, and was a co-founder of the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition, where he still serves on the national council. He enjoys biking and photography in his spare time.

*Interview begins in second half of the show, following the music


Whitefish Bay Singers – Anishinaabe Round Dance

Red Shadow Singers – Eagle Song

Morning Star River – Ogitchada

Dakota Travels – Straight Song

Boogey The Beat  – Idle No More f. Charlie Fettah, Wab Kinew, Young Kidd

Quese IMC – I Pulled a 187 on a Mascot

Buffy Sainte-Marie – No No Keshagesh

A Tribe Called Red – Different Heroes f. Northern Voice


Originally Aired Monday August 26, 2013

Photo Credit unknown

4 Responses to “Ben Powless from Defenders of the Land and Indigenous Environmental Network on Line 9, tar sands and other pipelines”
  1. Richard C Powless says:


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  2. masqua says:

    I read the playlist and noted Morning Star River… I knew a man called Morning Star (Ojigkwanong). Met him in Kanata and he changed my life. Others might recognize him as William Commanda.

    Now to listen to the music and Ben Powless.

  3. Laura Cole says:

    Glad to see this Ben. I’m working on a documentary on behalf the Nishiyuu walkers. Here are some teaser images:

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