Honoring Indigenous Women; Community Database & Kainai FNEA


First we hear from Muskrat Magazine publisher and editor Rebeka Tabobondung about the Honouring Indigenous Women Hearts of Nations Vol. 2 Toronto book launch at the Toronto Birth Centre, then Krysta Williams from Native Youth Sexual Health Network talks about the 9th Annual February 14 Strawberry Ceremony in Honour of missing and murdered Women and those who have died violent deaths by colonialism. In the second half of the show we hear from Twila Singer, who along with her two daughters, was removed and put outside into freezing temperatures from the Kainai highschool FNEA Stephen Harper event, apparently for tweeting.


Buffy Sainte-Marie – Little Wheel Spin and Spin

Leanne Simpson – She Sang Them Home

Originally Aired Monday February 10, 2014

Image Credits: No More Silence; Honouring Indigenous Women Vol. 2

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  1. […] Harper, Atleo and Valcourt). There were many people who were removed from the gymnasium, including Twila Singer, who was told she was being removed for who she was. Arnell Tailfeathers is an activist in Kainai […]

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