Kainai Activist & Photographer Arnell Tailfeathers on the February 7th FNEA events at a Kainai Highschool


On February 7, 2014 Kainai Blood Tribe hosted an event at Kainai Highschool with Stephen Harper, Bernard Valcourt and Shawn Atleo for an announcement on the First Nations Education Act. Though the event was open to the public, there were some guests who received yellow dots, and others who received blue dots. Those with blue dots were among the guests who watched the event in the gymnasium, while yellow dot guests were in the auditorium (along with Harper, Atleo and Valcourt). There were many people who were removed from the gymnasium, including Twila Singer, who was told she was being removed for who she was. Arnell Tailfeathers is an activist in Kainai Idle No More, as well as a photographer, and he joined Indigenous Waves last week to give his account of the events that took place on February 7th in his community.


Morning Star River – Nation Wide Threat
Northern Cree – Warrior Face
Alo White – Honor Song
Pura Fe – Mahk Jchi
Leanne Simpson – A Love Song for Attawapiskat
Niijiikaan – Oshkimaadijiig
City Natives – T.I.M.E
Heebz the Earthchild – Idle No More

Originally Aired Monday February 24, 2014

Photo Credits: Arnell Tailfeathers

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