Pam Palmater on report on MMIW; an update on suite of legislation


Pam Palmater returned to Indigenous Waves this week, and shared some very informative insights on the recent report on missing and murdered Indigenous women in British Columbia from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, as well as the ongoing suite of legislation from Stephen Harper’s government.

Lawyer Pamela Palmater, (Mi’kmaq) is a member of Eel River Bar First Nation, Chair of the Centre of Indigenous Governance at Ryerson University and an activist and pundit on Indigenous issues.


A Tribe Called Mi’kmaq – Calling All Warriors

Alexis Utatnaq – Maqaivvigivalauqtavut

Buffy Sainte-Marie – Soldier Blue

Boogey the Beat – Mother Earth

Lena Recollet – Historical Landmark

Wab Kinew – Mama Said


Originally Aired Monday January 12, 2015

Photo Credit: Jamaias DaCosta

4 Responses to “Pam Palmater on report on MMIW; an update on suite of legislation”
  1. waabishko ma'iingan says:

    that was an awesome interview. way to go Pam

  2. Amber Blood says:

    I have so much respect for Professor Palmater she is such a inspiration for Indigenous women.

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