Heather Majaury This Is My Drum, on Algonquin Nationhood, History and Identity


Heather Majaury joined Indigenous Waves last week to discuss her latest project This Is My Drum. The context of This is My Drum is the unceded traditional territory of the Algonquin Anishinaabeg.  This territory includes the land where Canada’s Parliament buildings reside. Ironically, in a nation state that celebrates diversity as multiculturalism, the policy for Indigenous peoples remains one of forced assimilation and genocide.

Heather Majaury is Algonquin Anishinabekwe of mixed Indigenous and Settler ancestry. She has been a working actor, director, playwright, and Popular Theatre Worker for over 25 years.


Gilbert Smith – Binesiiwag Kiigaanawabamigonaanig (Thunderbirds are Watching)

Shining Soul – Triumph

Boogey the Beat – Mother Earth

Lorna Munro – Peace Lines

Moe Clark – Butterfly Ashes

Sister Says – Heart Placement

Eekwol & Mils – The Tree f. Mass & Flipdabird

Shibastik – The Teachings

Nataanii Means – Genocide

Originally Aired Monday January 19, 2015

Image Credits: HeatherMajaury.com

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