Pam Palmater & Russell Diabo return to Indigenous Waves to talk Bill C51









Despite Bill C-51 garnering a great deal of criticism and concern for the privacy of Canadian citizens, it passed through it’s second reading in parliament on Monday February 23, 2015. Political analyst Russell Diabo and Lawyer Pamela Palmater returned to Indigenous Waves to share their analysis of the bill, and what it will mean for Indigenous people asserting their sovereignty and inherent rights.

Lawyer Pamela Palmater, (Mi’kmaq) is a member of Eel River Bar First Nation, Chair of the Centre of Indigenous Governance at Ryerson University and an activist and pundit on Indigenous issues.

Russell Diabo (Kanien’kehá:ka from Kahnawake) is a policy analyst and the Editor and Publisher of First Nations Strategic Bulletin.


Fawn Wood – Grandmother Song

Originally Aired Monday February 23, 2015

Photo Credits: Russ Diabo, Jamaias DaCosta, Dolighan Cartoons

5 Responses to “Pam Palmater & Russell Diabo return to Indigenous Waves to talk Bill C51”
  1. wahtasweetnish says:

    Reblogged this on wahtasweetnish and commented:
    Bill C-51 is discussed with Russ Diabo and Pam Palmater

  2. robbear13 says:

    Harper has lied to us so consistently and for so long, that I find it impossible to believe a thing that he says. That’s very sad, but also the truth.

    • cheena1 says:

      I certainly couldn’t agree with you more! He can’t be trusted – never – ever!! He is a despot and needs to be gone from our government asap!!

  3. Gary Crosby says:

    You have just been notified that Harper is starting a War on FN.

    • robbear13 says:

      Actually, no, Gary. Harper’s war on First Nations started a long time ago. This is just the latest operation. There will be more.

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